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    Exit13 Ventures invests in and advises early stage technology companies in California.


    Andy Rankin, the founder of Exit13 Ventures, is an active angel investor and the Head of Partnerships for Sapho. Previously he was a co-founder of Exit13 Strategics and part of the early team at Hark. His angel investments include Wish, Vurb (Snapchat), Conductant (Docker), Opendoor, Gigster, Sapho, Addepar, GraphEffect/Shift.com (Brand Networks), Index (Index.com), ProsperWorks, RetentionScience, WorkFit, Pathmatics, Farmstead, SocialWeekend (Adknowledge), me.me, Shipamax, Hark, and a few others. Exit13 Strategics was an eCommerce consultancy advising retailers and clients included Fortune 500 retailers such as Dillards. Hark was a Redpoint Ventures backed digital media business.


    Early in his career, Andy was an Analyst at Redpoint Ventures where he built their "early-warning system". He sourced and reviewed deals in the consumer Internet, eCommerce, enterprise software, online marketing, digital media, mobile, and gaming sectors and had involvement in Redpoint investments in Scribd, Xmarks, and SimpleGeo.


    He is a graduate of Dartmouth College, where he studied History and Psychology, and the Tuck Business Bridge Program.  He was a 4-Year Varsity Letterman on the Football Team.


    Originally from Newport Beach, CA, Andy currently lives in San Francisco. Outside of working with talented entrepreneurs, Andy loves movies, the ocean, fly fishing, Wild and Wonderful West Virginia, Lakers Basketball, and USC Football.

  • Portfolio

    With over 50 million active users, and half of them use the app at least once a week, Wish is the leading mobile commerce platform in North America and Europe. By leveraging a competitive global supply chain of direct suppliers and avoiding retail costs they offer anyone with a smartphone access to millions of affordable goods. 

    Sapho is an enterprise application infrastructure company. Consumer-easy app development tools & middleware help customers build secure single purpose apps. Leveraging existing on-premise or virtual private cloud systems & integrating with current security infrastructure.


    Opendoor is an online home-selling service aimed at streamlining the sales process down to a few days.


    Addepar is a wealth management platform that provides investment professionals with the tools required to manage complex global portfolios. Founded by Joe Lonsdale, co-founder of Palantir and Formation8. 

    ProsperWorks is easy-to-use customer relationship management for small businesses. Capture contacts and sales leads direct from Gmail with our simple CRM.

    TechCrunch Distrupt winner Vurb is building contextual search, browsing, and sharing for the mobile world. Vurb is an intelligent layer over the Internet that helps you get things done in one place. Searching and sharing on mobile has never been easier.


    Index empowers brick & mortar retailers to recognize and delight customers. Index builds tools to help retailers understand their customers better, personalize shopping experiences, and encrypt payment card data for best in class security.

    Retention Science, is the best way to target, engage and retain your customers. A data driven, SaaS-based Retention Marketing platform predicts customer behavior and delivers targeted multi-channel communications that increase revenue and encourage customer advocacy. 

    Gigster provides software development and access to elite teams of developers, designers, and product managers.

    SHIFT’s Open Marketing Cloud provides solutions for planning, optimizing and analyzing social advertising campaigns for global brands, including 10 of the top 20 largest advertisers in the world.

    Bringing transparency to advertising with actionable digital display & mobile advertising intelligence for brands, agencies, publishers and adtech providers.

    Workfit is the creator of Eva, an intelligent voice facilitator to make meetings more productive.


    Hark is the world's largest collection of sounds, sound bites, and quotes. Backed by Redpoint Ventures. 


    The world's largest database of memes.


    Farmstead offers fresh grocery delivery.

    TurningArt brings artwork from today's most talented artists into offices nationwide.

    Andy OS connects Mobile and Desktop computing. Andy OS is the most full-featured Android emulator.

    Acquired by Adknowledge

  • Endorsements

    Nice things I've paid people to say about me. 

    Peter Szulczewski Founder/CEO WIsh

    Andy was involved with Wish as a supportive investor from the very first round. His insights around ecommerce were crucial in our early decision making and helped us build Wish into one of the fastest growing ecommerce platforms in history. He is one of our most trusted advisers and one of our go to guys regarding strategic thinking around ecommerce. His ability to relate to founders gives him a decisive advantage over most silicon valley investors. I would recommend him to any new founder looking for a trusted investor/adviser. I'm appreciative to have him involved in our mission and delighted to have his support as we build the future of mobile commerce. 

    Clark Landry Angel Investor and Founder of SHIFT.com

    In 2010 Andy was one of the very first angels to invest in SHIFT. We have always felt lucky that he took an early bet on our team. He has been an invaluable advisor as we've grown our company and a great friend. As Angel Investors, we've worked on a number of great deals together. He is one of my first calls when I meet an interesting company, and I look forward to making many more investments together in the future. 

    Joe Lonsdale Founder Formation8, Palantir, Addepar

    Andy is one of the best connected people in Silicon Valley and I greatly value his judgment, and am glad when I can have him as a co-investor - it has been great having him involved in Addepar and Wish in particular. I enjoy sharing ideas with Andy, and Formation 8 is excited to work more with him as he launches his new fund.

    Jerry Jao CEO Retention Science

    I originally met Andy because of his domain expertise and wanted to learn from him. I never thought of approaching him for angel investment, but when he decided to invest, we could not have be more thrilled! Andy is extremely thoughtful and down to earth, and as a young entrepreneur, his advice has been irreplaceable. He has directly helped me target and hire team members, position and build a sales story around our product, and organize our fundraising efforts. He helped target, introduce, and close some of our most high profile investors. 

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